Freshman of Life Lettering Series

Shannelle, another lettering series? Really?

Yes. Call me a lettering series addict, but I love working on them during my breaks. I personally enjoy limiting my options for content (and this time around, the style!) because it shakes up how I normally do things.

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This time around, I was inspired by something that happened towards the end of finals. I was on Facebook (responsibly, might I add—I only had one paper left with a few more days until the deadline) when I found an article from the student paper, sharing the experiences and feelings of graduating seniors who were unsure about their future. There was just so much hopelessness and sadness in those stories, and it just stuck with me.

If I’m being honest, I was initially struck with how I had tried to get over that hopeless, how firm I was in my position that I was going to keep an open mind towards a future that I can’t pin down and define. All I know is that it’s going to make it all work because I am going to make it work. And here were people I might have met and talked to who were completely opposite from how I thought.

But then deep inside, it just brought up that old fear, that old voice in my head to get a good job at some multinational corporation. I’ve had to learn to stifle that voice, and reading these people’s experiences brought a whisper of it back.

I wasn’t having it, so I threw myself into work. I compiled a list of all the best design and business resources that I knew in the hopes of helping someone else start. But even after that, things somehow just kept cropping up and reminding me that we’re all in this system that forces us to be anxious about our future.

That was when I got the idea for this lettering series, Freshman of Life.

So what exactly do I mean by that? I was thinking about the adults I know in general, and how their default attitude towards anything new was to shrug it off and immediately say that they couldn’t do it. And then I thought about the general way of thinking about graduates to stick to one path for the rest of their life, and I think that that’s stupid. People should be allowed to change and explore and learn no matter their age.

Freshman of life is my response towards the idea that once you step out of school, you’re supposed to have the rest of their life all nicely figured out. It’s my response to the stigma against a twenty-year old without a corporate job. It’s my response to that voice in my head that I don’t want to listen to.

I’ll be sharing the lettering series on Instagram and Tumblr. I’ve enjoyed what I tried doing with it, and I sincerely hope that it could reach someone out there and give someone some hope or get someone to think.

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  1. Totally agree that learning defies age. I turned 38 this year and yet my words are Learn and Relearn. It helps to keep this “freshman attitude” because not only do you get to learn new things but it also keeps you humble since your default attitude is you know nothing. Looking forward to more of your lettering series!

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