Highlights: June 2017

June was eventful, and I am going to use to that “eventful” as my excuse for not being productive and getting this post out on time.

The Highlights

1. So the first week of July passed in a depressed funk, and then on the second weekend, my mom sent me off to a camp, and when I came back on the 12th, I was so tired and lethargic that I tripped on the last stair and got a tiny fracture in my ankle. As in, it was so tiny that it wasn’t even obvious, but did it hurt.

2. And then 5 days later, it was when we were leaving for Osaka. The family had booked cheap tickets in January, so there was nothing to be done but walk around Japan with an Aircast. As expected, I was the height of fashion there. People were looking at me wherever I went!

And last week, I even posted a roundup post of the stationery stores that I visited in Osaka, so you can check that out. *pats self for actually remembering to write something*

3. I hit a 100 posts on Instagram! Sure, that took years and I probably wouldn’t have hit it if I didn’t work on Love Letters 2.17, but I’m still going to celebrate anyway! I’ve always been horrible at celebrating

4. I managed to win the last Experiment Squire from Baron Fig, and this is such a big deal for me. I love their values, I love the stories they tie with every limited edition they release, and I’m over the moon to be able to hold one of their products.

Moving forward

I don’t want to scramble to write blog posts again, and it’s dawning on me that I need a way to handle deadlines because I’m always energized by them. So I’m slowly trying to figure out calendars. I’m not gravitating towards Google Calendar (I seriously can’t imagine myself checking it), and making a spreadsheet for it or putting it in my bullet journal makes a little more sense. I’d love any tips for that, though!

See you next month, friend.


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