Highlights: May 2017

I can’t believe it’s only been five days since school ended because it feels like so much longer. Or maybe it’s just because I’m back home and it’s easy to slip back into everything.  I fell back into my lazy schedule at home in two seconds, and it’s hard for me to accept that it’s hard to break. So here I am, trying to break it by actually writing that monthly recap I’ve always been procrastinating on writing.

The Highlights

1. Finals were my number one focus in May, so that sadly makes it a highlight. I spent the beginning of May trying to do work in advance so my finals week wouldn’t be stressful. That didn’t turn out well, though, because I was working on a paper, and I just got more time to do rewrites. But I got to stretch myself too, with the projects that I had to do. I had two papers, but I also had an audio project and a web project. It was so satisfying being able to code a simple web game from scratch! Figuring out how to get it to function was so much fun (not so much when it wouldn’t work). And yes, I used Pokemon for the game 😀

2. Anne with an E came and wrecked my life. I reread Anne of Green Gables during January, and I picked up on so many details that I had forgotten or didn’t understand, and then here was this show fleshing it all out! I hate the title, but that show was just such a dream come true. There’s not a single bad actor on this show.

3. Honestly, Halsey is the only artist whose whole album I’ll listen to without feeling unsatisfied. So when she released Now or Never I had it on repeat ASAP. I spent May eagerly awaiting her next singles. (Okay, but let’s be honest, I’m writing this in June and hopeless fountain kingdom is already out and I have been slain and brought back to life in one midnight by this masterpiece)

4. I made a new piece for the Program of Creativity and Innovation at our school, to help get people have some more idea of what the program is about, and it was so much figuring out how to properly transform the quote while retaining the original for anyone who doesn’t know it. Add the fact that my work usually ends up being only a file, it was so cool being able to see that 9th floor filled with my work all printed out. It was just surreal.

5. I didn’t get any good pictures, but after I got back from uni, I managed to hang out with friends at Grub Hub, and it’s hilarious how almost everyone has shifted to some medicine track. Regardless, it was so much fun being able to see them and spend the afternoon talking about nothing and everything, just like we used to. Bonus: got the sisig that I was craving all throughout May!

And this is not really a highlight, but I recently found Louise Ramos’s Instagram and blog. That influenced me to try harder with my blog post graphics, so that banner up there is the result of experimentation!

Moving forward

May was quite emotional, towards the end, especially since the seniors were leaving and people everywhere are anxious about the future, and I just got struck by how much I live in my own bubble because of it all. I’m at peace about my future, because I know I can’t control it. Why worry, when all I’ll get is anxiety and stomach aches? I’d rather believe that everything will turn out well because that’s how I’ll act. And I resist so much against the idea that fresh new graduates have to have their next forty years all secured by the time they graduate–telling people they can’t change after a certain stage is how we end up with unhappy adults!

So one of the things I want to do in June is do a lettering series just sharing what I think about growing into an adult. The world is changing, and the way we think of new graduates should change too.

See you next month, friend.


P.S. If you’re looking for a roundup of my lettering pieces, they’re on Behance!

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